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A harmless blue light helps detect abnormal tissue.

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Oral cancer: silent and deadly

Of the 34,000 Americans diagnosed with oral cancer each year, only half will survive for more than five years. The reason is that oral cancer often starts on the basement level of your mouth. By the time you notice symptoms, or the lesion can be seen by the naked eye, the cancer has probably been growing for a significant length of time.

How VELscope™ works

VELscope™ is a sophisticated technology that helps us find diseased tissue deep below the surface, long before it’s visible. If we catch it early, there’s an 80 percent chance of curing it.

VELscope™ uses a harmless blue light that is absorbed by the molecules in your mouth. The exam is safe, painless, and only takes a few minutes.

Normal, healthy tissue emits a pale, apple green glow. Diseased tissue will appear dark green or black.

If we find a suspicious area, we’ll talk to you about the next steps.

VELscope™ does not diagnose cancer, but it alerts us to areas of concern earlier than ever before. A VELscope™ exam showing normal, healthy tissue can give you instant peace of mind.

VELscope™ is one more way we continue to give you the best care possible.

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