Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques That Use Removal Instead of Addition

Cosmetic dentistry is typically used in order to make the teeth look more pleasing to the eye. It isn’t always necessary to have cosmetic procedures done, but people often opt to in order to look and feel better. One’s confidence and self-esteem can increase if certain cosmetic procedures are done.

While most cosmetic dental procedures are done through techniques that require having something added to the mouth, that is not always the case. There are procedures that don’t require a person to have materials added to their teeth but rather removed.

Today, we will discuss what cosmetic procedures are done through techniques that involve removal instead of addition. Read more below as we go over removal techniques in cosmetic procedures.

Removal techniques in cosmetic dentistry procedures

Gum contouring

People are often self-conscious about their gums because they are often not perfect. The gums are typically seen when one is smiling or speaking and people that have gums that are too low or too high may want a gum contouring procedure done in order to make the gums look better.

Gum contouring requires an oral surgeon to use a scalpel or laser to remove parts of the gums from the gum lining to make them appear longer or shorter - depending on the patient’s desire. While this procedure can be painful and costly, most people find it worth it in order to achieve the look that they are hoping for.

Surface reshaping

Surface reshaping is a dental procedure done for people who don’t like the shape or the look of their teeth. A dentist may use equipment that will shave or grind down certain areas of the teeth. Once shaving or grinding is done then a person may experience sensitivity because their enamel has been worn down.

While dentists don’t typically recommend surface reshaping, it is a possible cosmetic procedure that can be done for people who aren’t pleased with the way that their teeth look.


Some people have teeth that are severely stained or decayed and these teeth may not look pleasing to the eye. People can often opt for extraction of a tooth if they believe that, that is what they want. While most dentist won’t extract a tooth unless it is absolutely necessary, a patient can request that this is done for cosmetic purposes.

Cosmetic dental procedures are not always necessary, but there are people who would prefer to have their teeth look different than the way they do naturally. While most cosmetic dental procedures involved additions to the teeth or mouth, there are some that involve removal instead. Knowing what these procedures are can be beneficial to those who are considering different procedures.

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